Tokyo impressions

It has been almost a year since we went to Japan and yet it seems like a month ago.

No wonder, as for the typical westerner (to be competely honest, actually an easterner in a sense) everything is so different. The culture, environment, countryside and people, all of this is in perfectly organised chaos. Where else in the world would people be able to cross the busiest intersection in world going in eight directions without a single bump.


There is no ultimate list what to see in Tokyo. In fact we spent few hours just wondering through several locations looking for something. Like in Lost in Translation we walked night streets trying to find our subway station with just an offline gps in our phones. That was just one moment when we actually got lost. Despite the language barrier we never wondered around as everything seems to be very logical. That is striking as this megapolis is home to over 13 million people.

He always says that he hates big cities but not this one. Why not? The building are very concentrated that is true but there is always space for nature. For all the parks, for enthuasiastic runners , for families just going for afternoon stroll or for morning excercise. A shire just two minutes from the busy subway station. Absolutely possible and more than once.


If you come to Japan thinking that sushi is only what japanese people eat you would be suprised. We knew way before we went there that they have version of pork which we have not even dreamt of, so delicious of course.

The first night we walked to a small 7-11 on a corner of our hotel looking for some drinks and we spent there at least an hour. From the most delighful supermarket strawberry cake I ever tried to the weirdest things ever. A package of fries, bag of poo shaped thing (until today I still do not know what it actually is) to countless favloured Kit-Kats.


I must admit Japan was never on my top 10 bucket list. However, after experiencing the hospitability and generosity of people who act to everybody and everything which should a respect I had reconsider my list.

A few days ago we watched a documentary about deers which live in such a harmony in big cities that they regularly make a trip down from the forest to the city centre. Thousands of tourists would pass the street per day and a deer would just bow to every person who would give her at least a little bit of attention. Well, pretty cool, is not it?




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